Do you need a reliable and professional Modular Home Set Crew?

With todays demanding Building & energy code requirements it is important to have a trained qualified set crew . Has your company had enough of unprofessional set crew experiences on your job sites? Does it appear obvious that only one or maybe two of the set crew workers on the crew really  know what they need to be doing and when they should be doing it? In the back of your mind do find yourself repeating over and over “ I hope my retail customer doesn’t ask them any questions,” or do you cringe at the unprofessional language that comes out of their mouths regardless of who may be in earshot? Maybe you love the crew you are using now but they are just to busy to get the job done on the day you need it done. Whatever the case may be we would like the opportunity to give you a price quote on your next set. Please take a minute to fill out the quick form below and provide us with any special requirements that your job might need. In most cases we will provide a written quote within 24 hours.

Trained, Reliable, Experienced Professionals You Can Trust!

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Established in 1985 The founder of Setwright Stephan P. Adamczyk set his 1st modular home in Pittsfield Massachusetts  on November  12th 1985 . Since then The company has grown to be a industry leader throughout New England. During this time Setwright and it’s employees have honed their modular set skills. Today many of these  skills have become industry standards, that are used by many others. From the smallest of ranches to hotels and commercial buildings, Setwright has done it all and brings to you the professionalism, reliability, and peace of mind you need to know the job will get done right and in a timely, cost saving fashion!
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